Fighting allergies? Your diet can help

Instead of stocking up your medicine cupboard this allergy season, restock your fridge instead with these natural allergy-fighting foods.

Spring is upon us, and while that means warmer weather, beach trips, and the chance to finally stash our winter clothes, for many people, it also means the onset of allergies. Ah, dreaded allergies. Caused by our bodies perceiving things like grass, pollen, or dander as foreign substances and launching an immune response, there’s nothing like itchy eyes or a runny nose to put a damper on the season. But instead of filling up your medicine cabinet this year, restock your fridge.

Choosing foods that allow your body to naturally detox and combat inflammation will allow you to reduce allergy symptoms without needing over-the-counter meds.


Sulfur may not have the most glamorous reputation, but the substance is actually one of our bodies most essential nutrients, regulating everything from immune function to tissue inflammation to gut health to energy levels. It can also help not just fight allergies — both seasonal and food-related — but eliminate them altogether. While Soulara meals can help you maintain healthy levels of sulfur, taking MSM supplements will ensure you’re getting an adequate intake.


Can we rave enough about these little critters? Probiotics are the good bacteria that populate your gut and keep everything moving smoothly, especially important as your body attempts to do some serious spring cleaning on your intestines and organs. Take supplements, or add coconut yogurt or kombucha to your diet. Baby spinach, dandelion greens, and watercress are also great sources of probiotics.

Local, organic honey

Remember when Mum would mix honey in tea to soothe a sore throat? Raw, organic honey from a nearby source not only helps address common allergy symptoms but help develop an immunity to local pollens and irritants. Bee pollen works the same way – try a dash in your morning smoothie.

Keep it clean

We’ve alreadywritten about how your body naturally detoxes itself — no need to start a harsh juice cleanse in preparation of spring — but it won’t protest if you give it some help. Reduce, or eliminate, foods that tend to cause junk to build up in the body, like dairy, refined sugar, and processed foods. Not only will it help defend against allergies, it’ll also keep you leaner, your mind sharper, and your energy levels higher.


Don’t worry — you may not have heard of it, but you’ve definitely eaten it. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid in apples, onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage, and berries that tells your cells not to release histamine, lessening symptoms and inflammation.


Another health-world darling and one of our personal favourites, turmeric contains curcumin, which, like quercetin, stops histamine from being released. It also naturally fights multiple sources of inflammation, making your body better equipped to handle allergy responses, or avoid them altogether. Try chopping up the root to make tea, or sprinkle ground turmeric in smoothies, soups, or salads. You can get an easy turmeric fix with some of our Soulara meals as well, like the Abundance Broth with Salt & Pepper Tofu or the Spiced ‘Butter’ Chickpeas.

Our Soulara meals are designed to be packed with nutrients to allow your body to feel and look its best so something like allergies won’t stop you from making the most of the season.

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Published: 19/09/17

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