Your guide to gratitude

Regular gratitude has been found to increase levels of happiness, energy, and focus, as well as lead to better sleep, lessened stress, and an ability to pursue bigger goals. Here’s how to practise gratitude daily in your life.

When starting on your wellness journey, it’s easy to focus on the physical: embracing a new workout regimen or cleaning up your diet, like our with our plant-based Soulara meals. However, it’s just as important to take care of your emotional self, and one of the best methods is by practising gratitude every day. Regular gratitude has been found to increase levels of happiness, energy, and focus, as well as lead to better sleep, lessened stress, and an ability to pursue bigger goals.

Gratitude journal

People have been journaling throughout history, and whether you do or not, keep a separate gratitude journal next to your bed. Every night, write down a few things you are grateful for, focusing on the positives. It might seem difficult at first, but soon, finding even five things will be a piece of cake.

Bonus: you’ll be able to flip through and be reminded of all the great things that have happened to you. Stuck for how to start? Write about who inspires you or what has brought you happiness, comfort, or peace that day.

Use kind words

When we think of our friends, we’re usually incredibly supportive, though we can struggle to use those same affirmations with ourselves. Remember that you’re beautiful, strong, and deserving of love, and be gentle and kind to yourself when you’re having a hard day. You’ll find that the more respect you give yourself, the better you’ll be able to handle difficult or stressful situations.

Write thank you notes

It’s the little things. With most of our mail these days being bills or junk, make someone’s day by taking just a few moments to thank them for something, no matter how small. It will help spread a culture of gratitude while helping you retrain your brain to be more attuned to thankfulness and happiness.

Also, consider thanking people in person for kind acts. By doing this regularly, you’ll start to see the positive in everyday situations.


Regularly meditating has a long list of scientific benefits, including decreasing metabolism, lowering blood pressure, improving your heart rate, and providing mental clarity.

There are multiple types of meditation — consider cultivating a mindfulness practice, which focuses on appreciating who we are at each moment and teaching us how to be present.

Challenge yourself to a complaint-free 24 hours

It might not sound that hard, but throughout an ordinary day, small complaints and pet peeves can really add up. A lot of the time, our complaints our automatic and are expressed not just through our words, but our thoughts and body language. This challenge can help you notice how you behave, speak, and think — whenever you catch yourself complaining, recognise it and try to find a positive spin.

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Published: 23/10/17

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