Wellness Retreats Around the World

We love to get our Namaste on and we love to travel — we couldn’t imagine anything better than combining the two. Go full yogi by hitting up these relaxation…

We love to get our Namaste on and we love to travel — we couldn’t imagine anything better than combining the two. Go full yogi by hitting up these relaxation hotspots where you can get your fill of downward dogs and crow poses, or just connect with some of the world’s most beautiful and spiritual landscapes while getting healthy, fit, and recharged.

Encinitas, California

Affectionately known as “OM-cinitas,” this California beach city has attracted flocks of wellness gurus, yogis, and healers for its community and soothing energy. Along with plenty of yoga studios to try — there’s everything from those dedicated to restorative flows, vinyasa, and ashtanga, to satisfy everyone’s preferences — there’s no shortage of other places to tap into your spiritual side. Whether you’re looking for crystals, fresh juice, astrologists, or Deepak Chopra’s meditation center, Encinitas has you covered.

Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

Drawing those seeking a retreat for thousands of years, this eco village in the heart of Sri Lanka offers a natural sanctuary for those who need a yoga or Ayurveda getaway. Possibly the definition of ‘peaceful,’ the all-inclusive retreat will get you consultation with an Ayurveda doctor, excursions, massages, yoga classes, and access to facilities like saunas and hot water bathing. For the six months of the year it’s not accepting guests, it reverts back to a traditional working village committed to organic farming and reforestation of the land.

EcoYoga, Scotland

Rolling green hills, sparkling waterfalls, and crumbling hillside ruins: all part of a gorgeous backdrop for your next vinyasa flow. The retreat is perched beside a river and often invites leading yoga instructors to teach a variety of courses throughout the year. One of our favourite parts? EcoYoga stays committed to its name and is fully sustainable, generating its own electricity and only using water from the nearby natural spring. As a guest, you can even help out with the gardening, forest creation, or wood chopping.

Kyushu Island, Japan

Japan’s third largest island, Kyushu is steeped in history and natural beauty (bonus: it boasts numerous hot springs), making it the perfect place to reconnect with yourself. It’s also home to a variety of wellness retreats, including Shōganji Zen Retreat, where visitors can partake in an authentic temple experience. Kunisake Retreat will take guests walking through the island, staying at traditional Japanese inns while incorporating plenty of yoga and local culinary delicacies.

Silver Island, Greece

We’ve ben pining for a Greek getaway, and Silver Island allows you to enjoy the sun, sea, and Instagram-worthy blue-shuttered buildings on a private, untouched paradise. Welcoming just ten guests at a time, it’s solar-powered and offers you both a physical and digital detox. In between yoga classes, you can dine on plant-based meals, kayak with the dolphins, snorkel, or meditate under one of 2,000 olive trees or while exploring the island’s 60 acres.

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Published: 09/02/18

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