Everything You Wanted to Know About Juice

In the past few years, cold-pressed green juices might seem to have become every wellness guru’s accessory of choice. But unlike some trends, this is one that lives up to…

In the past few years, cold-pressed green juices might seem to have become every wellness guru’s accessory of choice. But unlike some trends, this is one that lives up to the hype. That’s why we decided it was about time Soulara introduced our own line of cold pressed juices, formulated to help your body naturally cleanse, heal, and feel energised and bright.

What makes juice so good?

No matter how clean our diet and consistent our exercise routine, we’re exposed to environmental toxins every day thanks to things like pollution and secondhand smoke. Luckily, eating nutrient-rich, plant-based foods can help your body — specifically organs like your liver, kidneys, and skin — start to naturally detox. Cold pressed juices condense a wealth of nutrients into a small package, and the lower fibre content compared to whole fruits and veggies means that your system can more quickly and easily absorb the health benefits.

What makes a cold pressed juice different from regular juice?

We all have fond memories of lazy childhood mornings drinking orange juice, but as nostalgic as that makes us, we can’t ignore the fact that it doesn’t exactly qualify as healthy. In fact, traditional juices that used to receive a seat at our table are sometimes loaded with as much sugar as a soft drink.

One of the biggest issues, aside from the large amounts of added sweeteners, is that even “fresh squeezed juices” are made with a machine that uses a fast-moving blade to juice your fruit or veggie of juice. Given the speed at which the blades turn, enough heat is generated that can start to break down the nutrients within the juice. The cold press process avoids this by extracting the juice without any heat, so you’re left with all the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that your body needs to feel its best.

What’s the deal with juice cleanses?

While juices can assist your body with their normal cleansing functions, a juice cleanse isn’t necessarily the secret to perfect health. Like we said, organs including the liver, kidneys, and skin naturally want to remove toxins: juices should be seen as a way to give your detoxification pathways a boost as they do their job, rather than a miracle cure, especially because your body needs plenty of carbs, fibre, and protein to feel its best.

At Soulara, we think that juices should be part of a healthy, balanced diet — they should be an addition to your regular meals as a way to get nutrients in new, refreshing ways, but shouldn’t serve as a replacement for food in general.

What should I look for in a juice?

When selecting a juice, you first want to confirm that it is cold pressed to ensure that you’re maximising the nutritional offerings. Next, you want to check that it only contains whole fruits and vegetables. Sugar can be disguised by names like glucose and fructose, all of which you want to avoid — the only sweetness the juice possesses should come straight from the produce’s natural sugars.

Luckily, Soulara makes it easy to start making juice part of your routine, with four different varieties of juice that are cold-pressed and only feature whole, healthy ingredients, like kale, ginger, pear, and apple.

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Published: 15/08/18

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