What is Nutritional Yeast & What Are its Benefits?

In recent years, nutritional yeast has become a pantry staple and a superfood in its own right but what exactly is it? What is Nutritional Yeast? Not to be confused…

In recent years, nutritional yeast has become a pantry staple and a superfood in its own right but what exactly is it?

What is Nutritional Yeast?

Not to be confused with live yeast or brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast (or ‘nooch’) is grown from sugar cane, beet molasses, or wood pulp and forms part of the fungi family.

How it’s made

Nutritional yeast is formed via a natural fermentation process, before its harvested and then dried, resulting in a yellow and flaky appearance, not unlike parmesan cheese. Since it’s made from a substance that generally doesn’t have much nutritional value, nutritional yeast forms its own amino acids and is packed with B vitamins, minerals, protein, and probiotics.

What’s surprising about nooch is that while it is laden with nutritional benefits, it also pairs well with everyday meals, from salads and pastas to popcorn.

Here are five reasons why nutritional yeast has been heralded as vegan cheese and why we are obsessed with it.

Let’s look at its benefits

Nooch is…you guessed it, packed with nutritional benefits. Did you know that nutritional yeast is a great source of B1, B2, B3, B6? In fact, just two teaspoons of nutritional yeast over the course of a day provides the recommended B12 for the average adult.

This vitamin and mineral enriched pantry staple is crucial to a plant-based diet, which Dr. Bindaya Gandhi attests to, stating to Mind Body Green that “Nutritional yeast is rich in essential amino acids, minerals, and B vitamins, which many people on a plant-based diet are low in.” Dr. Bindaya Gandhi praises this superfood powder, saying that it is a fantastic staple to your diet, made of probiotics that will ensure that your gut and immune system are getting everything that they need to thrive and function properly.

It’s gentle on the gut

This cheesy-like goodness is also an impressive source of fibre, a key to maintaining gut health and proper digestion. In only one small serving of nutritional yeast, you will find 3 grams of fibre. This flaky seasoning is wonderful at combating infections, wounds, and illnesses since it is packed with probiotic properties. It is also great for those who are lactose intolerant, as this cheesy pantry item is dairy-free.

Improved digestion

This delicious addition to your pantry is proven to better your digestion because it is such an easily digested food. Along with defending your body against illness and infection, the probiotics that nutritional yeast boasts consist of many beneficial results on gut health, making it even more appealing to sprinkle onto any meal.

Helps with Pregnancy

This superfood powder is not only great for the gut but has been known to be beneficial to women who are trying to get pregnant. Nutritional yeast is a great source of folic acid, which is known to prevent spina bifida and many other birth defects. Whether it be to add more flavour to a plant-based meal or for women trying to have children, nutritional yeast’s benefits and deliciousness never cease to amaze.

It’s a great addition to a plant-based diet

Thinking of incorporating nutritional yeast into your diet? Here are some tasty ways to do it: A few delicious ways to incorporate nooch into your next meals are over a bowl of roasted veggies, quinoa, and black beans, which will melt the yellow flakes into a creamy substance that will further boost the savoury taste of your veggie bowl. Are you looking to change up your salad recipe? Try a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on top or even mixing it in with your dressing. And for dinner, treat yourself to a mouth-watering dish of vegan mac n’ cheese!

At Soulara, we are all about swapping and replacing animal products with plant-based foods that taste so good, you won’t notice the difference. With nutritional yeast as your new staple ingredient, switching to a more plant-based diet will be both fun and simple. Still feeling apprehensive about incorporating nooch into your diet? Delight your taste buds with our Prairie Dreams Penne & Cheese today.

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Published: 14/09/18

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