Creative New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Stick To

There must be a place where all the abandoned new year’s resolutions go to. We’re saying no more to the “I’ll give up coffee” and “No dessert” resolutions that fade…

There must be a place where all the abandoned new year’s resolutions go to. We’re saying no more to the “I’ll give up coffee” and “No dessert” resolutions that fade away by the second week of January. In 2019 we’re here to help you pick creative resolutions that you’ll love and *want* to keep.

1. Solo date days

Humans are social creatures. We like to move in packs and we rely on others for company and comfort. However, this pack-mentality can sometimes be at our detriment. Enjoying your own company is the the foundation of living a life of creativity and happiness.

Taking yourself out on a solo date day can be inspiring and nourishing for your soul. Whether you go to the art gallery, go for a solo swim in the ocean, go to the movies, or sit and write in a cafe, your alone time should be treated as sacred and something you should try to do weekly or monthly.

Rules: Date must be minimum of 2 hours. You must go on your own and not meet anyone there. No phones allowed.

2. Fail more

Nobody sets out wanting to fail… and yet we all do in one way or another. How we deal with failure says more about who we are than success does. So often, we avoid failure by not taking risks, because it’s better to live in a grey area than know you failed, right?! Actually no, failure is essential for growth and without failure, we don’t know who we really are or what we really want.

J.K. Rowling said, in her speech to Harvard graduates “…failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.”

In 2019, take more risks, allow yourself to fail more and develop a strong foundation for your future successes.

3. Schedule regular digital detoxes

We all spend too much time in front of screens… in fact, you’re in front of one right now. No one will dispute how amazing technology can be, but the negative effects of our excessive digital usage seeps into every area of our lives. Research is finding how screens are adversely affecting our mental health as well as our physical health.

Focus on wellness in 2019 and organise regular technology breaks. Whether you have a “Digital Detox Sunday” routine from sunrise to sundown, or you take a full weekend away from technology every month, being present – away from computers and phones – is one way to recharge your mind, body and soul.

4. Say ‘No’

Saying yes, even when we don’t want to, can sometimes seem easier than saying no. This is because the perception we have around the word ‘no’ is negative. It connotes roadblocking, being difficult and rejection – and no one wants to be associated with that.

People often to say a reluctant ‘yes’, in order to avoid confrontation. However, knowing your limits and boundaries is empowering, it means that you know what you are capable of and what your limits are to be able to do things successfully. Ultimately, it means that you’re in control of your life.

The key is to not give in to FOMO and learn to be okay with going against the grain if it serves you better.

The most effective way to use ‘no’ is by replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘I don’t’. If friends ask you to go to the movies on a Tuesday, instead of saying ‘I can’t’ which implies you could be persuaded, lead with ‘I don’t’, for example ‘I don’t go out on weeknights’, which is more definitive.

5. Read more books

Books are not dead… they are just waiting patiently for you to have time to read. Making reading a priority will benefit you in more areas than just your imagination, in fact there has been research that has found that reading is good for your health.

Reading books can alleviate stress, prevent memory loss and other neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, reduce anxiety, boost your emotional intelligence, increase your happiness and even make you live longer. Set yourself a book goal for the year, and get reading!

6. Start a side hustle

Long gone are the days where you had one job from graduation to retirement. Nowadays, people tend to change careers every 5 years, but one thing that helps people feel more content in their current jobs, is starting a side hustle.

A side hustle can be anything that gets your pulse going and makes you excited. It isn’t just about making extra money, it’s about fuelling your passion and giving an outlet to all that creative energy.

Here are some side hustle ideas for inspiration:

  • Making jewellery to sell at markets
  • Teaching kids how to surf
  • Becoming a wedding makeup artist
  • Baking cookies and cakes to wholesale to local cafes
  • Print t-shirts with your artwork
  • Becoming a yoga teacher
  • Starting an event/charity

7. Learn a new skill

As the saying goes, you should learn something new every day. But to expand on that, we should all learn a new skill every year.

When life follows a daily routine, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. One way to avoid feeling stagnated is to learn something new. This can be as big as going back to school or as simple as learning how to crochet from watching Youtube tutorials.

Here are some ideas to expand your skill set:

Crochet or knitting: working with your hands can be very cathartic. Crocheting and knitting are skills that are useful, portable and more fun than you might think. You can crochet on your commute to work, and give all your creations as gifts to your friends and family. Think of how cute your dog will look in his winter sweater.

Jam-making: Making jam is a great skill to have. Not only are you creating delicious spreads but it’s a great way to get rid of leftover fruits from the holidays. You can even play around with making them sugar-free by adding stevia instead.

Musical Instrument: Have you ever wanted to learn how to play piano or flute or even the tuba? Let 2019 be your year to learn how to read music and play the instrument of your dreams.

8. Start a spiritual practice

A spiritual practice can be simple and easy. It doesn’t have to be ceremonial and complicated. The purpose of a spiritual practice is to have a ritual to ground your day.

It can be a simple as meditating for 15 minutes a day, journaling before sunrise, or even making a cup of tea with intention every afternoon. Keep it simple, do it every day and soon you won’t be able to live without it.

9. Bullet Journaling

Being organised is something that most people start the year intending to do, and it slowly disappears into a world of chaos by February. One way to stay on top of everything in your work and personal life is to start bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling has taken the stationery-loving world by storm in recent years, converting people with almost religious conviction. The idea behind the bullet journaling is keep your points, simple and clear. All you need is a notebook and a pen and you’re ready to go. There is a process to it and you can learn how to do it, here.

10. Things are happening for you, not to you

If there is one mantra for you to take into 2019, it’s this – everything that happens in your life, good or bad, happens for you, not to you. Meaning when things spiral out of control and you start to wonder why is this happening to me, stop and change your thought process. Whatever it may be, it is happening for you. For you to grow, to learn, to expand, to reach out – the reason it is happening is for you to take something from it.

Whatever creative resolutions to choose to take into the new year, make sure they align with your truth and feel good. If you aren’t excited by it – you won’t stick to it!

Published: 19/12/18

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