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We sat down with Former Miss World Australia, Tess Alexander to chat about all things health and wellness. She is full of worldy advice and we wanted her to just…

We sat down with Former Miss World Australia, Tess Alexander to chat about all things health and wellness. She is full of worldy advice and we wanted her to just move into Soulara HQ to keep us all inspired and motivated!

Hi Tess, you’ve been up to some amazing things these past few years, tell us a bit about your journey leading up to Miss World Australia.

It certainly has been a whirlwind couple of years! When I was 17, I landed my first international modelling contract and spent the next couple of years living and working throughout Asia and Europe. After moving home to Australia, I began my career in the health and wellness sector, studying in areas of Fitness, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy and Homeopathy.

I love everything about helping my clients believe in themselves through the power of health and wellness, and still practice in this industry everyday.

I was recommended to enter MWA, and the rest is history.

You recently started Ten with Tess, holding live workshops about health, beauty and wellness. What made you want to dive into that side of the health industry?

Ten with Tess is a series designed to break down the science behind all the latest trends in health and wellness. There is SO much info out there – and it can be pretty overwhelming! I wanted to give the audience a live and interactive understanding of how and why some trends should (or shouldn’t ) be on your radar… live tutorial style!

Your days look pretty busy, how do you incorporate living a healthy lifestyle?

…And believe me, they feel it too! I like to think everything is a perceptive choice. When my days are 15 hours long, I have very little control over that. But what I do have control over, is my perception on the day. This helps me create a healthy lifestyle, no matter the circumstances. I incorporate little healthy things, that are important to me… which help me feel on track throughout the day. Food choices, water intake (… which, for the record I am terrible at!) and brain space.

The modelling industry is known for complicating relationships with food. What is your personal food philosophy?

Can I get an AMEN! ANYONE’S relationship with food, is 100% instrumental when we’re looking at an overall wellness picture. Such an important topic to discuss, regardless of industry.

But yes, the modelling industry definitely has the power to distort one’s body image and relationship with food and I would be lying if I didn’t record the toll it took own body image and relationship with food. Thankfully, the awareness of mental health in all shapes and forms, is now a topic regularly discussed in mainstream media.

My food philosophy? Food is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Food is food; a source of nutrients.
100% some foods have tremendous benefits or negative side effects- however food, in itself… is a combination of tasty macro and micro nutrients to be celebrated. Count nutrients not calories.

What do you think the biggest misconception is about healthy eating?

Hands down, the biggest misconception is that ‘healthy’ food, will taste gross and is ‘not convenient’ to make.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I find bananas in their own purpose-built packaging… pretty darn convenient!

Eat the fresh foods that taste good to you! Not a coriander fan? Great, me neither- kick it out! No need to grumble about foods that don’t make you happy. Find the herbs and roasted vegetables you like and put them together! Add some pomegranate or nuts and seeds… quick tahini or balsamic dressing – literally bursting with flavour AND you’ll look forward to eating it because YOU like it!

I eat the weirdest things, in the weirdest combinations! But who cares… no rules to follow! Don’t be bound by cucumber and iceberg. You do you.

Do you have a morning and nighttime routine?

I ALWAYS have a great breakfast, it’s the easiest way to ensure i’m getting enough nutrients right from the get go!

I love a smoothie with protein powder, frozen fruit/zucchini, plenty of adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, maca, fenugreek, turmeric, maybe some dates and coconut milk and definitely a nut butter (…sometimes too much nut butter)! I also prefer to exercise in the morning (preferable fasted for glycogen depletion), BUT if I don’t – to be honest, i’m probably not going to exercise that day! (In which case, no worries! I’ll pick up the slack in other areas).

My nighttime routine is less specific…But I do always ensure I follow a good skincare routine and try to lower my cortisol levels as much as I can, to ensure a good, restful sleep. Generally with essential oils, supplements and herbal teas. (I wake up at 5am so whenever I can, I am quite partial to going to bed at what I like to call “toddler time”.)

What things inspire you on a daily basis?

Passionate people! Passion is fantastic and literally soul food! When you listen to someone, or read their words and hear their passion; their drive and determination…their view on the world – it’s inspiring. That absolute will to succeed that just oozes out of their hearts is contagious. Passion and the people it sparks from inspire me.

Do you have any daily rituals you use to anchor your day?

I am a stressful person. I worry about things and people and deadlines and… you know, life. The thing that anchors me, on a daily basis is – knowing who I am. I say this all the time to my clients… “Put your hand on your heart and know who you are. What pillars define your personality? What makes you, you, that you are proud of?… Take a deep breath and be centred by this”.

No one knows you better than you. You designed who you are today so trust that! Integrity, loyalty, honesty, love, whatever stresses come my way or tough decisions I have to make, I know I can handle them because – I’ve got me (Try it!)

What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve been given?

“You can either be driven by fear or love… make sure you choose the right one”.

You have a busy year ahead, creating and doing impactful workshops. What legacy would you like to leave on the world?

Phoa, tough question! I really just enjoy helping people feel better about themselves. We are all apart of this world – lets not tear each other down, but rather support and be empowered.

Published: 22/12/18

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