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A day in the life of writer & model Lolita Walters

We love hearing from inspiring Soulara lovers, and Australian writer and model Lolita Walters is no exception. The self-confessed wanderluster is passionate about beauty and wellness, and combines this with…

We love hearing from inspiring Soulara lovers, and Australian writer and model Lolita Walters is no exception. The self-confessed wanderluster is passionate about beauty and wellness, and combines this with her travels; seeking out healthy hotspots, organic beauty treatments, and local knowledge to inspire and guide her writing. 

Read on to see how the matcha loving Sydneysider spends a typical day, plus her tips for a healthy lifestyle.


I love getting up with the sunrise and have always naturally been a morning person. Im a big believer in the power of healthy routines and start every day the same way. Upon rising, the first thing I do is reach for a large glass of warm water with some fresh lemon and ginger in it to rehydrate my body and to kick start my digestive system. Next, I like to make my bed as having a tidy living space helps me feel relaxed and organised. Its amazing how such simple, little things we do every day can help create a positive mindset!

Early Morning

I usually grab a shot of apple cider vinegar, which is also great for the digestive system, then do my AM toxin-free, botanical skincare routine (Im obsessed with the Edible Beauty Core Four system), then head outside to move my body for 30-60 minutes. This could be a walk, run, HIIT class or yoga!  I always try to fit in some form of exercise to get my blood flowing and help set me up for the day ahead.


After my workout, I make myself an almond milk matcha latte or coffee with medicinal mushrooms. I love the ritual of enjoying a steaming hot drink and it provides me with a welcome energy boost as I get stuck into my emails. I usually have breakfast a little after this, around 10am. I opt for a meal rich in beauty foods such as a plant-based protein, good fats, antioxidants and fibre. I love whipping up a superfood-packed smoothie or chowing down on Soularas Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding, which almost tastes like eating dessert for breakfast but is a nutritional powerhouse! Im definitely a sweet-toothed person in the morning.


Being a freelance creative means that my days look quite different a lot of the time – work could be anything from writing a health, beauty or travel article, editing a book, planning a photoshoot, visiting a new wellness spot for research, or doing a modelling gig. Im really grateful that my job allows me to travel and work from different places in the world, share knowledge Im passionate about, and meet a lot of interesting people along the way. At the moment I am writing this from a coffee shop in Canggu in beautiful Bali, amidst blogging on the benefits of matcha powder (anyone who knows me, knows Im a self-confessed matcha addict!).


When lunchtime rolls around, Ill usually opt for a nourish bowl basically a bunch of delicious, healthy ingredients thrown together. As I usually am a bit time-poor during my busy days, I try to have items like greens, quinoa, tempeh, legumes and both fresh and roasted veggies ready to go in the fridge, with some good fats [like] half an avocado [with] some seeds, nuts or tahini. When Im in Sydney, a Soulara meal is my go-to, as they have plenty of delicious options just like the nourish bowls I make myself, but it saves me all the preparation, cooking and clean up time. Recently I have been reaching for the liver-loving Celestial Chickpea Detox Bowl with asparagus and to-die-for dressing, or the beautifully coloured Amethyst Energy wholefood medley abundant in some of my favourite vegetables; beetroot and eggplant. 


After lunch, I usually do another stint of work from my laptop if Im not at a photoshoot or travelling. Throughout the day, I make sure Im drinking plenty of water and also have a lot of green tea! If I get the chance, I love having a mid-afternoon break and catching up with a friend, going to the beach with my boyfriend, heading outside in nature, or taking 20 minutes to do a power meditation session. All of these things help to recharge my mind and keep stress at bay. If Im hungry, Ill snack on carrot and celery with hummus or almond butter, or a Soulara ‘Mint Me in Heaven Truffle’ which are bursting with some of my favourite superfoods like cacao and hemp seeds. They are naturally rich in antioxidants and plant-based protein and so yummy!


I generally try to eat my dinner around 6-7pm, so that my body has ample time to digest it in my sleep – I like to leave at least 3 hours after my evening meal before slumber time. Whilst home in Sydney this winter, a warming Soulara meal has often been my saviour. I love anything and everything with turmeric, which is such an incredible anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial spice, so Ive been enjoying the Healing Turmeric Soup and Golden Coconut Dhal on a chilly night. While in Bali, Ive been treating myself to a delicious vegan pokè bowl for dinner. And I always add avocado, to literally everything! In my book, an avo a day keeps the doctor away.

Evening & bedtime 

I am a creature of habit when it comes to winding down for the day. I like to create a relaxing mood in my apartment by lighting a candle and incense or putting lavender oil in my diffuser. When doing so, I reflect on what I am grateful for and take a moment of pause to give thanks. I then like to dry brush my body to support the lymphatic system before taking a shower – I make sure I thoroughly cleanse my skin of all makeup and pollution which collects during the day, followed by toning, a serum and moisturising lotion. A few nights a week I apply a night mask to my face, so I wake up with an extra boost to my complexion. The Edible Beauty Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse with Australian pink clay is my current obsession. 

Once Im in some comfy PJs, I enjoy a peppermint tea with fresh ginger. This is very soothing for the digestive system and I also really love the flavour. Im trying to reduce my use of screens in the evening, as I spend a lot of time in front of a laptop or phone during the day, and the blue light they emit can be disruptive to our natural body clock before bed. Ive recently put screen time limits on my devices, which cuts all my apps off at 8pm and this has been a wonderful tool for me. Instead I like to read, listen to a podcast or if I do look at a screen, its a good movie or show cuddled up in bed with my boyfriend. I usually fall asleep around 11pm and sleep on a silk pillowcase which feels really luxurious and is also protects your hair and skin. I also like to use an eye mask to block out any light during the night, as I find this helps me have a deeper, rejuvenating sleep, allowing me to awake the next morning ready to take on a new day!

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Published: 30/08/19

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