What a Yogi Eats in a Day

Three years ago, wine sales rep Vanessa’s (IG: @lilvee18) IBS issues caused her to hit rock bottom. She realised it was time to shift away from her meat-heavy diet and…

Three years ago, wine sales rep Vanessa’s (IG: @lilvee18) IBS issues caused her to hit rock bottom. She realised it was time to shift away from her meat-heavy diet and stressful lifestyle, and made the move from Seattle to Sydney. Working to heal her gut issues through a plant-based lifestyle, Vee cut out meat, dairy, gluten, coffee, and alcohol to aid in reducing inflammation. Today, Vee is robust, radiant, and is a dedicated plant-powered yogi. Here’s what a day on her plate looks like.

Vanessa eating plant-based yogi


[Swish with] coconut oil for 20 minutes to pull out toxins and whiten teeth! Smiling is free & radiates good vibes to all around you! It’s also contagious ;).


Mix a glass of organic coconut water + a heaping teaspoon of spirulina (and/or a greens mix).


Make my “Dirty Dandelion Chai Vee Latte” (teaspoon of dandelion chai, teaspoon of coconut milk, 1/2 teaspoon of organic raw cacao powder & a dash of organic virgin coconut oil) with a banana and sunflower butter.

plant-based yogi diet


Train at the gym (I love HIIT, lifting and Crossfit style movements)! I go to Beachfit in Bondi where they have heaps of talented and friendly PTs [who] always give me the best innovative ideas! 


I want to properly restore my glucose levels so treat myself to the Soulara Salted Caramel Dream Balls! The maca powder is great for your hormones & the cashew butter [has] a good fat and protein ratio for a post workout fuel snack.


It’s lunch time which means LOAD up on the veggies! I stir fry a mix of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, purple cabbage, asparagus, or whatever I find at Bondi Markets! Sometimes I will add some sweet potato or capsicum. I would rather have a variety of choices, that way it’s fun for your palate and you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. I will also smash some avo (proper Aussie style) [on a] slice of Buckwheat Gluten Free bread.

yoga diet vegan plant-based


Snack Time! I love making smoothie bowls (it’s basically an obsession) and will either do frozen cauliflower (sounds crazy but you can’t even tell the difference – it’s a lot less in sugar and great way to get more vegetables in your day) or frozen banana and berries, and peanut butter protein powder!  [Then] I top it off with organic coconut flakes, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, strawberries, banana and a little slab of almond butter! “Nice Cream” at its finest! For an extra treat I top [it with] a little activated (this is important for me here because nuts and seeds need to be sprouted for a better absorption of nutrients and breaks down the protective barrier called Phytic Acid) buckinis, [which] adds a nice crunch and additional protein! 

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I am absolutely in love with the flavors of the Dawn Discovery Satay from Soulara; the chili spice, turmeric and curry really presents well in this dish! You get a mix array of vegetables as well which is lovely – a very well balanced meal! And we always save the best for last right…? I am giving you a fair warning now, the last part of my day ends with the most delicious thing you have EVER tasted! The Paleo Peanut Butter Cups!!! The first time I tried them I think I nearly drooled! They are so rich and dense and are the perfect fat from the coconut oil. These desserts are super clean with only 6 ingredients (nothing processed here)! It’s hard to stop yourself at one but I try and be good about chocolate. Just enough to “treat yo self” with a cup [of] Tulsi tea!

yogi diet plant-based

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Published: 16/10/19

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