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7 wellness rules to learn from the Italians

Learn to live la dolce vita with these seven wellness tips from the Italians. 

The Italians seem to have it all figured out; effortless glamour, inimitable style, and endless bowls of pasta.

Learn to live la dolce vita with these seven wellness tips from the Italians. 

A little coffee can be a good thing

Italians have a vastly different approach to coffee than Australians; rather than a large takeaway skim/soy/low-fat/decaf/double shot concoction, a ‘coffee’ refers to what we think of as an espresso. Italians enjoy a small shot of coffee in the morning and drink it standing up at the counter – takeaway isn’t a thing there. It’s a nice way to start the day and forces you to actually talk to your fellow cafe patrons, rather than chugging a latte on the way to work.

Spend time in the sun

The beautifully bronzed glow many Italians sport is always enviable, however it needn’t come at the cost of your skin cells. Slather on some SPF and soak up the sun’s rays (+ improve your vitamin D levels!).

Be generous with the oil

Italians practically have olive oil running through their veins. Olive oil isn’t just confined to the kitchen; it can be used in your hair, on your face, and slathered over your body. As it’s packed with vitamin E, olive oil can restore shine in dull hair and act as an antioxidant on your skin, protecting it from external pollutants.

Drop the tweezers

Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows, they’re meant to look natural.

Stay misty

Invest in a calming rose mist to spritz on your face throughout the day to keep you looking fresh.

Treat yourself. Always.

The concept of restrictive dieting is baffling to the Italians. Invest in good, high-quality food and ditch the idea of restriction. 

Say sì to self-care

For Italians, self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Whether your idea of self-care is taking a long essential oil-filled bath, hitting up a yoga class, or enjoying a gelato after dinner, do something to care for yourself every day. 

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Published: 31/01/20

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