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Meet Lagom, your new favourite Scandinavian wellness philosophy

From kale chips to almond milk, the wellness world is one always eager to embrace new trends. And when people caught wind of Hygge last year, that was no exception….

From kale chips to almond milk, the wellness world is one always eager to embrace new trends. And when people caught wind of Hygge last year, that was no exception. The Danish philosophy was all about being cozy, focusing on happiness by having that slice of cake or spending more time with friends and family. Now, it’s time for Hygge to move over: we’re currently obsessing over Lagom.

The Swedish word translates to “just the right amount,” and is simple enough for even those who usually balk at new fitness trends to get on board. Lagom is essentially about mindfulness and balance in all aspects of life – finding the happy medium between too much and too little.

Pursuing the work/life balance

This is an obvious one. Obviously one word won’t cure all work woes, but is rather about addressing smaller parts of your life to create more balance and wellness. Instead of stressing about the bigger picture, look at how long you’re spending at work, and how long you’re sitting while you’re there.

Should you get a standing desk? Take a walk during lunch? Substitute green tea for your afternoon coffee? Take a five-minute break for yourself? No matter your schedule, there is always an opportunity to let yourself refresh and adopt healthier habits.

Pass the veggies

In contrast to Hygge, which encourages you to indulge your sweet tooth or have that extra glass of wine, Lagom wants you to focus on cleaner eating. Load up on fruit, veg, and clean proteins — make sure your diet is nutritious and primarily home-cooked, so you’re not spending money on less healthy takeaway.

Take a coffee break

Fear not, lagom doesn’t deprive you of your sweet treats. In fact, a fika paus is encouraged every day; a fika paus is a coffee break with a little treat and is used to foster a feeling of community and togetherness. Grab a coworker or meet a friend and take the time to catch up over a short midmorning break.

Focus on what you need, not what you want

A key component of Lagom is minimalism, whether in your home, workspace, spending habits, or thoughts. Make sure that you only have what you need, and you’re not buying something on a whim. Decide whether an object has a clear and defined purpose and – most importantly – if it will bring you joy. Practicing this will help you refocus and reprioritise, discovering true contentment.

Care for others

Lagom also focuses on minimising your impact on the greater world, especially by lessening your environmental footprint. Keep your showers shorter, use less plastic packaging, reuse and recycle whenever possible, eat a vegan diet, and opt for more sustainable alternatives.

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Published: 18/02/20

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