Embrace winter with Koselig, Norway’s answer to Hygge

Hygge who? Meet koselig, Norway’s secret to happiness.

Hygge who? Meet koselig, Norway’s secret to happiness. Nice to feel and difficult to pronounce, koselig is a concept from Norway which is rooted in the idea that there’s nothing better than being cosy. While its Danish counterpart hygge emphasises solitude and the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO), koselig requires a bit of an adventurous spirit and a desire to interact with others.

If you’re all hygged out, here’s how to embrace koselig for your best winter yet!

koselig candles

Light some candles

Ditch bright fluorescent lights in favour of bathing your abode in warm candlelight. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a fireplace, all the better; sitting in front of a roaring fire is oh so koselig! 

koselig embrace nature

Get outside

While our first instinct may be to huddle up inside during the winter, this can lead to the winter blues, or even seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Despite the crisp air, Norwegians make the effort to engage in adventurous experiences outdoors, like skiing, sledging, or taking a hike in nature. While we don’t have the Northern Lights or even snow, Australia has some pretty beautiful places worth exploring during winter (plus, our temperatures rarely make it into the minus degrees!).


Connect with friends

While hygge may sing the praises of self-isolating, koselig emphasises the importance of human connection in fostering intimacy, warmth, and happiness. In Norway, this comes in the form of relaxing with friends over simple, wholesome food; hot coffee, mulled wine, waffles, and hot cocoa, potentially in a mountainous location. 

norway mountain cabin

Go back to basics

Unlike hygge, which focuses on cosy decor in the form of cute cushions, rugs, blankets and wide-bottomed mugs, koselig is a little more rugged than that. Norwegian cabins are typically very simple with only the essentials; running water (if you’re lucky), a fireplace, basic furniture, and potentially an outdoor toilet. While there’s no need to deprive yourself of amenities, take a leaf out of the Norwegians’ book and try turning off your devices for a day. Reconnect with your family instead of scrolling through insta, or turn on some music in lieu of Netflix. 

koselig sweets

Indulge in sweets and comfort food

Scandinavians love candy, with Sweden taking home the award for the highest per capita consumption of candy in the world! Embrace koselig this winter by treating yourself to something sweet. Here at Soulara, we’re all about balance, so we’ll have our cake and our bliss balls too!

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Published: 24/06/20

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