Soulara staff using Crockd DIY clay kits

These Crockd DIY clay kits are the perfect social-distancing activity for friends

Gather your friends and get ready for a cosy night in of laughs, creativity and making memories with Crockd DIY clay kits.

Picture this: it’s a Friday night and you and the gang are cosied up inside, dips and crackers on the table, and a couple of Crockd DIY clay kits in front of you. Whether you’re responsibly social-distancing from the world or just having a fun night in with friends, Crockd is the bonding activity you need to add to your social calendar.

What is Crockd?

Crockd DIY clay kits statue

Born from a desire to connect with friends and disconnect from technology, Crockd makes getting your hands dirty fun. You don’t need to be a creative genius (in fact, it’s more entertaining if you’re not), all you need is a curiosity for clay, a couple of buddies and a Crockd kit. Inside each quirky box you’ll find everything you need to become a clay connoisseur for a day: a couple of big lumps of clay, a bunch of cool tools to shape, mould and perfect your designs and some ‘Clay Breakers’. 

Like ice breakers, Clay Breakers are a set of unique and interesting questions designed to get the conversation flowing while your creative juices are pumping. Crockd thinks they’re actually the most important part of the kit, and we love the reason why. These DIY clay kits are designed to be more than just a craft kit. The idea behind Crockd is to bring people together, helping them disconnect from the troubles of the outside world (hands up if you’re in need of that right now!) and make real memories together, not ones blurred by technology or a few too many wines.

Soulara vs. a lump of clay

Making a teacup with Crockd DIY clay kits

To say it’s been a pretty crazy year is a total understatement, so at Soulara HQ we jumped at the chance to come together and do something fun and relaxing. One Monday evening we gathered together (at a social distance, of course) in our office and tried our hand at clay modelling. Together we made cups and bowls, ring holders and jewellery trays, flower vases and incense holders. We laughed at some of our failed attempts and admired those who were natural clay artists. Above all though, we forgot about the worries of the world for a second and took time to be together outside kitchen coffee chats and meetings.

How to finish your Crockd creation

Ash tray made with Crockd DIY clay kit

But what about after you’ve crafted your work of art? You can turn these quirky cups, mugs and bowls into working pieces of crockery by taking them to a kiln to be fired, with locations near you available on the Crockd website. Sydney Clay Studio is one of those places, where they’ll first fire your clay to remove all the water, then a second time to fuse a beautiful white satin glaze to the piece. On average, a teacup and bowl will cost you less than $20 for firing and glazing, then they’ll be ready to eat and drink from (and dishwasher safe!).

Now we know what you’re thinking – no you can’t fire them in the oven. Unless you have access to a 1000° oven (if you do that’s very cool) your home oven won’t be hot enough to set the clay. Fortunately, you can leave your clay creations for years before firing them, so even if you can’t get to a kiln anytime soon they’ll be totally fine.

Clay creations from Crockd DIY clay kits

We love these Crockd clay kits for more than just office bonding and friendship hangs. If you’re hosting a baby shower, you could all get together and shape little teddy bears and dummies for guests to take home and remember the day by. If you’re hosting a bridal shower, everyone can make jewellery trays to keep special pieces on (including the bride’s wedding day jewellery). Whatever the reason or occasion, we think Crockd’s kits are the perfect way to connect with something real and take home a special piece of art to remember your friends by.

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Published: 28/07/20

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