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Lizzo’s 5 plant-based food recommendations that taste ‘good as hell’

Lizzo, the queen of positivity and good vibes, has recently joined the vibrant plant-based world and is sharing some of her top food recommendations on Tik Tok.

Lizzo, the queen of positivity and good vibes, has recently joined the vibrant plant-based world and is sharing some of her top food recommendations on Tik Tok. After watching her ‘vegan day-on-a-plate’ videos, we can say she’s a real plant-based natural, coming up with some tasty dishes that have us drooling. She captioned one of her videos;

‘As a new vegan, I’m enjoying exploring flavours from plants and plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal and deserves to be celebrated.’

Breakfast of dreams

Green smoothie with spinach and coconut water

Lizzo’s diet is a colourful blend of nutritious raw vegan food and delicious plant-based soul food, satisfying the cravings of both her body and mind. All we can say is, why didn’t we thinking of making these dishes? To feel fresh and fabulous, Lizzo starts her day with a green smoothie, made with coconut water, kale or spinach (whatever she has in the fridge) and frozen fruit, like mixed berries. If you’re on-the-go, stock up on our Soulara Cold Pressed Kaleidoscope Greens Juice and grab one in the morning to get some vitamins in first thing like Lizzo.

Lunch crunch

Green salad

For lunch, it’s a crunchy salad bowl made with kale, red cabbage, white onion, avocado, broccoli and carrots, the perfect nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals to power your body for the afternoon. We love the rainbow of veggies in Lizzo’s lunch (red, green, white, orange, yum), and think this salad would pair perfectly with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Snack time

Fresh hummus

Lizzo’s plant-based afternoon snack comes in the form of some Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, dipped in garlic hummus. She says this satisfies her craving for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, minus the acid reflux and, of course, plant-based. Lesser Evil’s range currently isn’t sold in Australia, but our friends over at Goodness Me Box have an incredible range of wholesome snacks that we love to dig into.

Dinner and dessert fit for a queen

Peanut butter and jelly smoothie

We have serious food-envy over Lizzo’s dinner, consisting of mushroom balls, a truffle chickpea salad, quinoa and some leftover salad from lunch. She finishes the day off with a peanut butter and jelly smoothie, made using peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk, vanilla protein, and ‘a little love from Jesus’. Sounds absolutely delicious to us.

As a disclaimer, Lizzo said this isn’t exactly what she eats everyday (which is great because you need to eat a variety of food to achieve a balanced diet), but this is what a pretty standard day of eating looks like for her. Grammy Award-winner, body-positive activist, flautist and now plant-powered. Is there anything Lizzo can’t do right?

Vegan bacon foodie hack

Maple syrup

In some of her other Tik Tok videos, Lizzo shares some crafty ways to elevate plant-based meals. She likes to cook her vegan bacon in maple syrup, because it gets ‘nice and crunchy and candied’. We’d recommend dicing some of Lizzo’s vegan maple bacon and sprinkling it over our Jalapeno Mac & Cheeze to make the plant-based comfort food of dreams.

To follow Lizzo’s plant-based journey and get some tasty inspiration for your own meals, you can follow her on Tik Tok @lizzo.

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Published: 31/07/20

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