Customise Your Soulara Meal

10 topping ideas to elevate your Soulara meals

Whether you have friends over and are looking to plate up a delicious plant-based feast or simply want to enjoy a mindful meal by yourself, getting creative with toppings and garnishes can elevate your dining experience.

Sure, Soulara meals are pretty darn delicious as is, but much like a cherry on top of a sundae, there are ways to take them to the next level. Whether you have friends over and are looking to plate up a delicious plant-based feast or simply want to enjoy a mindful meal by yourself, getting creative with toppings and garnishes can elevate your dining experience.

Without further ado, here are our favourite Soulara meal toppings and add-ins that taste delicious and look beautiful. All dishes are currently available to add to your weekly Soulara order, so you can try a few of your faves!

Almond butter

Spiced Butter Chickpeas and Almond Butter

Not just for sweet dishes, almond butter adds a nutty flavour and provides a rich, creamy texture to any dish. Rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre, as well as vitamins E and B2, magnesium, copper, and phosphorous, almond butter makes a wholesomely healthy addition to your Soulara meals. It works particularly well stirred into Spiced Butter Chickpeas, Golden Coconut Dahl or Sadhana Masala, or as a topping on our Sunbliss Granola Bowl, Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding or Mystic Black Rice Pudding.


Juan's Mexican Beans and Rice with Avocado

Just when you thought your Soulara meals couldn’t get any better, we’ve gone and paired them with avocado. Plate up Juan’s Mexican Red Beans & Rice or Chilli Sin Carne and enjoy with a side of guacamole – just smash a ripe avo with a fork and mix in some salt, pepper, lime juice, diced tomatoes, and onion – for a Mexican-inspired meal.


Peanut Butter and Jam Oats with Raspberries

Fresh or frozen raspberries add a healthy dose of free-radical fighting antioxidants to any dish. Try topping our Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding (serve it in a glass for an aesthetically pleasing mindful morning moment) or Peanut Butter & Jam Oats with a handful of raspberries to take your brekkie to the next level.

Fresh herbs

Add some fresh herbs to your Moroccan Spiced Stew

Small but mighty, fresh herbs are an easy way to impart extra flavour and give your meals that restaurant-quality look. Our favourite go-to herbs are coriander (works well in Asian-inspired dishes like our Abundance Broth with Salt & Pepper Tofu, Luminous Laksa, and Golden Glow Stir Fry), basil (perfect in pasta dishes like The Sunkissed Pesto and Nirvana Carbonara), and dill (great on our Moroccan-Spiced Stew). To serve, just roughly chop your fresh herbs of choice and sprinkle them over your meal.


Sourdough Bread

Soup and bread go together like peanut butter and jam. For an even heartier meal, pair your favourite Soulara soup with some thick-cut sourdough, rye, or gluten-free bread; simply pick your fave! Bread pairs particularly well with blended soups varieties (as opposed to brothy soups), like our Curried Spinach & Lentil Soup, Tomato Soup for the Soul, and Dream of Mushroom Soup.

Vegan cheese

Grate some vegan cheese over your Sunkissed Pesto

Sometimes a touch of vegan cheese can give your meal that added oomph! Try finely slicing or grating soy or coconut-based vegan cheese over our Mushroom Bourguignon with Black Garlic Mash, The Sunkissed Pesto, or Nirvana Carbonara. Alternatively, add vegan cheese to your Soulara meal before heating to melt it in!


Mystic Black Rice Pudding with Caramelised Banana

Everyone’s favourite potassium-rich fruit, sliced banana works well on all our sweet dishes. We particularly love the sweetness it lends to a warming bowl of Soulara Peanut Butter & Jam Oats. Alternatively, for a fun weekend breakfast, try slicing a banana in half down the middle and grilling it with a little maple syrup; it caramelises beautifully and makes for the perfect accompaniment to our Mystic Black Rice Pudding.

Fresh spring onion or fried shallots

Golden Glow Stir Fry with Crispy Shallots

Ideal in Asian-inspired dishes, spring onions add crunch and zing to dishes like our Luminous Laksa, Abundance Broth with Salt & Pepper Tofu, or Roots Unearthed Red Curry. Alternatively, for a crunchy, caramelised treat, try sprinkling fried shallots on your next Soulara meal.

Bliss balls

Reishi Cacao Bliss Bites and Coconut Yoghurt

We know you love them on their own, but our bliss balls taste amazing crumbled over coconut yoghurt as an afternoon snack. Or, try chopping them up and sprinkling them on a smoothie bowl or your fave Soulara brekkie. The Reishi Cacao Bliss Bites perfectly complement our Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding (who doesn’t love a raspberry-choc combo?!), while our Salted Caramel Dreams work well on chocolate or peanut butter flavoured smoothie bowls. 

Fruit & Granola

Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding with Fruit and Granola

It’s time to take your Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding to the next level by channelling some aesthetic acai bowl energy. Slice up some fresh banana, strawberries and passionfruit and take the time to arrange them beautifully over your chia pudding with a halved passionfruit and some granola for added crunch. Taking a moment to create a magical breakfast can help clear your mind in the morning and prepare you for an amazing day ahead.

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Published: 10/09/20

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