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Our fave new feel-good TV shows and movies

Stuck on what to watch this weekend? Here are some of our fave new feel-good TV shows and movies, best enjoyed with a Soulara meal in hand.

While we love a good comedy or the occasional thriller with friends, there’s nothing like cosying up on the couch and watching a feel-good TV show or movie. Here are some of the Soulara team’s faves right now, so you can Netflix and chill with a Goodness Gracias Bowl in one hand and some Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites in the other.

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher - National Geographic

My Octopus Teacher – National Geographic

After living an incredible life exploring the globe, a tired documentary filmmaker takes some time off to retreat to his hometown in South Africa. While struggling with his health, he starts freediving in the cold kelp forests in False Bay, where he befriends an octopus. He visits the octopus’ den every day for months, earning her trust and filming the entire process. His unique relationship with the octopus is then related back to his son, and his development as a diver and marine life student.

Ten years in the making, this documentary offers an incredibly candid look into life under the ocean and how we as humans can connect with our environment in a way many of us have forgotten how. Definitely well worth a watch coming into summer, you’ll be picking up a snorkel and diving into the nearest ocean in no time!

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes - LA Times

A female-led take on the classic Sherlock Holmes story, this movie follows the adventures of Enola Holmes, the youngest member of the Holmes family. After her mother goes missing and her stiff older brothers try to send her to boarding school, she runs away and gets into all manner of trouble trying to track her mother down. There’s clever clue hunting, women’s rights action and even a rebellious lord. Millie Bobby Brown absolutely shines in this movie, which will leave you feeling proud to be a kickass woman (or have them in your life).

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky - NME

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Blackpink and have been vibing to their upbeat k-pop tunes, envying their stylish outfits and obsessing over their amazing dance moves. This documentary follows their rise to fame, from their training days at the YG Entertainment academy, their explosive 2016 debut and their historic 2019 Coachella performance.

The documentary gives us a look into the individual lives of these talented, hardworking young girls, how isolating fame can be, but also their incredible friendship and global success.

I Am Woman

I Am Woman - Variety

I Am Woman – Variety

The film documents 60s superstar and 70s feminist icon Helen Reddy and her rise to fame in New York. After arriving in 1966 with her three-year-old daughter and $230 in her pocket, the recording contract she’d thought she’d won was tossed aside after the company decided they had too many female stars. Despite this, she stays in New York and pursues her career, struggling to make ends meet and provide for her daughter. After befriending a legendary rock journalist, she writes the feminist anthem ‘I Am Woman’, and the rest is history. 

Side note: the actress who plays Helen Reddy in the film, Tilda Cobham-Hervey is a budding star from Adelaide and definitely one to keep an eye on!

Emily in Paris

Emily In Paris - Popsugar

Emily In Paris – Popsugar

This show has been blowing up on the Internet for taking a little too much creative license in regards to life in Paris and the role of a social media strategist. However, if you allow yourself to be pulled into this Parisian fantasy, at the heart of it is a modern feel-good show by the creator of Sex and the City and Younger. It follows protagonist Emily Cooper as she moves to Paris to give an American viewpoint to a French PR company, and all the crazy characters, European boys and chic outfits she wears along the way.

Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover - Reality Tidbit

Dream Home Makeover – Reality Tidbit

The latest in 2020 home makeover TV releases, this one’s for anyone who loves Queer Eye or Marie Kondo. The show follows a couple as they revamp old family homes into beautiful new spaces for their clients to live in, as well as give their own home a makeover. They share tips and tricks on little DIY projects you can do around the house as well, which we found really fun. 

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Published: 22/10/20

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