Let your kids have fun with your Soulara meal delivery boxes

10 ways to recycle or upcycle your Soulara packaging

It’s National Recycling Week, so to celebrate we’ve come up with 10 different ways you can recycle and upcycle your Soulara packaging!

It’s National Recycling Week, and here at Soulara head office there’s nothing more we love than recycling and upcycling. For any new members to our Soulara family who might not know how to properly recycle our meal packaging, we’ve created a handy little guide for you to follow. And if you want to get a little creative with your packaging, we’ve also included some fun ways for you to upcycle your packaging.


How to recycle your Soulara meal packaging

Recycle your Soulara delivery boxes

Our meal trays are easily recycled in your home recycling bin. Like with all plastic recyclables, give them a good rinse when you’re done eating to ensure they’re nice and clean when you pop them in the bin. If your meal comes with a cardboard sleeve, this can also be placed in the recycling bin.

How to recycle your Soulara delivery packaging

Recycle your cardboard delivery boxes

Our cardboard boxes are also 100% recyclable, so all you need to do is flatten your box and put it in there with your meal packaging. The silver insulated lining we use to keep your meals cool can be recycled at your local supermarket soft plastics drop-off, as can the plastic casing on the ice-packs. 

Before you take the ice-packs in to recycle, wait for them to defrost, then snip a corner and pour the inside gel down the sink or into the garden. The gel is non-toxic, water-soluble and safe for septic systems, so you don’t need to worry where you dispose of it!


Now for the fun part! Recycling is great, but so is having a little fun with your Soulara packaging. Here are some of our favourite ways to upcycle your trays, boxes, insulation and ice-packs and give them all a second life.

Use meal trays as craft containers

Reuse your Soulara meal tray as arts and crafts trays

One of our customers who works in childcare contacted us to let us know that she kept all her Soulara meal trays to use for arts and crafts at her childcare centre! The duo-section trays make the perfect pots to keep water in one side and paint in the other, and you could do the same with two large single-section trays. Don’t stop at paint though – if you have a child who loves to get creative, you could fill one side with glue and one with fun craft supplies like glitter, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes – the possibilities are endless.

Keep your loose items in meal trays

Store all your loose items in Soulara meal trays

Our meal trays are incredibly durable and can be used around the house to store little things you want to keep together or avoid losing. Keep one in the bathroom to store all your bobby pins and hair ties, or one by the door to keep all your keys, coins and purse in one place. They make the perfect home for pretty much any small, loose item really, from buttons to receipts, makeup to skincare.

Use meal trays as small planter boxes

Reuse your Soulara meal trays as seedling planters

Got that green thumb? Even if you don’t, there’s no better time to pick up gardening than in spring. Once cleaned, our meal trays make the perfect planter boxes for little seedlings that don’t require much space. Some of our favourites are:

  • Thyme
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Pansies
  • Petunias

Don’t forget to make some small holes in the bottom of your containers before filling them with soil so any excess water can properly drain out. If you don’t, your poor baby plants might drown and the roots rot.

Keep the ice packs in your freezer

Reuse your ice packs in an esky

You can never go wrong with having a few ice packs stored away in the freezer. From keeping eskies cool to helping to reduce the swelling of wounds, ice packs have plenty of uses, especially when living through an Australian summer.

Use the insulated lining in place of bubble wrap

Moving house, know somebody that is or have some fragile items you want to keep in storage? The insulated lining inside our boxes can protect fragile bits and pieces just like bubble wrap would, so keep it on hand for the next time you’re transporting or storing items.

Make a DIY car windscreen shade

Reuse your silver insulation as a car windscreen protector

Avoid burning your hand on the steering wheel and seatbelt on hot days by turning the insulated lining in your Soulara delivery into a DIY windshield shade. Simply cut it open and spread across your dashboard, as you would with a store-bought one!

Use your delivery boxes for storage

Reuse your Soulara boxes for storage or moving

This one seems like an obvious one, but our delivery boxes are the perfect size for storing clothes, shoes, homewares, photo albums and more. They’re also a great size for moving house or keeping in the back of your car to help you carry large grocery shops or party supplies to a friend’s house. If you want to collect them to help you move in future, simply unfold them and store them flat, then tape them back up when it’s time to use them.

Use your delivery boxes in the kid’s playroom

Let your kids have fun with your Soulara meal delivery boxes

A child’s imagination is a thing of wonder, and we’ve had a surprising amount of feedback come through that youngsters love playing around with our Soulara delivery boxes. Give them some paint and let them go wild, turning out boxes into space ships, boats, cars, robots and more.

Have you found a way to get creative with your Soulara packaging? Tag us in your photos on Instagram @livesoulara, we’d love to see all the different ways you’re reusing your boxes, trays, ice-packs and insulated lining!

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Published: 12/11/20

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