New Year's resolutions that aren't losing weight

8 New Year’s resolutions that have nothing to do with losing weight

If you’re over making New Year’s resolutions to change your body, here are some fun resolutions you can make instead.

A new year brings with it a clean slate and inspires many people to make resolutions to change their lives for the better. One resolution that seems to get pushed on many people is the one to lose weight, which is often stuck to for the few weeks after Christmas before being forgotten. Fad diets and weight loss hacks pop up everywhere, most of which are unsustainable and can be pretty unhealthy.

In 2021, we’re saying goodbye to unrealistic body standards and instead focusing our time and energy on being healthy and happy. If you’re over making New Year’s resolutions to change your body as well, here are some fun resolutions you can make instead.

Learn how to budget properly

Learn to budget better

Do you struggle with spending money? There’s no time like the present to learn how to properly budget your finances, and with endless books, podcasts and apps available, it’s easier than ever. 

Moneytree is one of our favourite budgeting apps, a handy free tool that collates all of your finances in one place so you can see exactly where you stand financially. It even shows all your loyalty card points, like Flybuys or Myer One, so you can see how many you have, if you have any rewards and when they’re about to expire.

She’s On The Money is another helpful platform for those looking to budget more in 2021. There’s a podcast, a masterclass, a Facebook group and more, all aimed at educating people on how to spend less and spend smarter. How? By helping you get out of debt, sort out your cashflow and set up long term finance goals, all while still enjoying weekend brunch with the girls. Sounds fab to us.

Read more books

Read more books

We all have that little stack of books we’ve been meaning to read for forever and a day. Perhaps they were intended for a now-postponed holiday, or you’ve just found other things to occupy your time. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through your phone in the evening or rewatching another episode of Gossip Girl, make it your mission to read one chapter of a book every day. Once you start, you’ll find it hard to stop. If you need something new and exciting to tempt your brain into reading, check out some of our fave books we devoured last year.

Eat more veggies

Eat more veggies

The benefits of eating more fresh fruit and veggies seem endless. But while fruit is pretty easy to snack away on, veggies can be a little harder to convince yourself to eat, especially if you’re not the biggest fan. Eating some carrots and hummus is a pretty failsafe veggie snack, but we get that not everyone likes eating plain veggies.

Grating veggies like carrot, zucchini and celery into a pasta sauce is a sneaky way to up your vegetable intake without even noticing, or adding spinach or cucumber to your morning smoothie. There are also loads of yummy plant-based recipes you can whip up for dinner that are packed full of nourishing veggies. Think roasted veggie mac and cheeze, vegetable curry or eggplant parmigiana (with plant-based cheeze, of course).

Want to try eating more veggies, but not sure where to start with cooking plant-based dishes? That’s exactly where we step in, to help you navigate the world of plant-based living in an easy, convenient and affordable way. And with tasty dishes like our Supercharged Satay and Chilli Sin Carne on the menu, you’ll love eating your veggies like never before.

Sanitise your phone weekly

Clean your phone once a week

This might seem live a trivial resolution, but it’s something many of us forget to do regularly. With the global pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon, there’s no better time than now to set yourself a resolution to sanitise your phone weekly. As we take them literally everywhere with us and are constantly touching them, your average phone has three times more bacteria than a dirty doorknob. Pretty yuck, hey. To clean your phone, simply wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe or a damp cloth moistened with a 40% isopropyl alcohol and 60% water mix.

Start a gratitude journal

Start a daily gratitude journal

More and more people have been starting to practise daily gratitudes, and with good reason. In life we tend to focus on the negatives and spend more time thinking about them, which can lead to us feeling sad and remembering them more. Taking the time out once a day to write down all the things you’re grateful for can help you refocus on the positives in life, remember what makes you happy and feel more energised.

You don’t have to be grateful for something big every day. Whether it was a positive interaction with your barista, seeing a cute puppy or receiving praise at work, write all the little things down in your journal and you’ll be surprised at how many happy moments you lived through that day.

Donate old clothes

Donate unwanted clothes once a season

In 2021, make it your mission to declutter your wardrobe at the start of every season. Donate pieces you barely wore and don’t think you’ll wear again in future and repair those with missing buttons, broken zips or holes. If you have any old garments at the back of your wardrobe from when you were a little younger and a little smaller, ditch them as well. Keeping clothes that don’t fit you anymore in the hopes you’ll one day fit into them again can actually have a negative impact on your mind. Plus, that way you’ll clear out space for beautiful new pieces you love, that make you feel good and fit you like a glove.

Try a new hobby every month

Try a new hobby

One thing this pandemic has taught us is that there’s plenty of fun and exciting hobbies out there to try. Set yourself a 2021 resolution to try a new one every month, even if it turns out you’re not that into it after. After all, you can’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! Some ideas to get you started are growing a herb garden, knitting, pottery, baking and pickling.

Learn a new language

Learn a new language

Just because overseas travel is off the cards for the indefinite future, doesn’t mean learning a new language isn’t useful. Did you know that over 200 languages are spoken by people within Australia? With staying home more encouraged than ever before, make use of that time to broaden your mind and learn another language. When the pandemic is over, you can treat yourself to a trip to a country where your new language is spoken and test out your skills in the real world.

Not sure where to start with learning a new language? We love Duolingo, a free app that’s super easy to use and can help you stay accountable. Not to mention, it’s fun! 

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Published: 05/01/21

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