Sunrise at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

6 eco retreats you’ll be grateful are at your door

We are genuinely blessed with some of the most unique and remarkable places for connecting with nature. Here are six that inspire us.

There’s no place like home. These incredible retreats are the perfect way to connect with country. And reconnect with yourself.

Originally we were going to post about spectacular eco retreats “you won’t believe are in Australia”. You know because COVID times, let’s try to pretend we’re someplace else! But as we thought about some of the remarkable destinations our home has to offer it was impossible not to feel genuinely blessed.

So here, in a spirit of gratitude and appreciation, are six eco-friendly destinations that could only be in Australia. Places we feel grateful to have at our door. From deep bush experiences, to wild beach getaways – and some that combine the two – these soul-enriching getaways treat our land like the treasure it is. And give us their own ways to honor and commune with it. 

Paperbark Camp, NSW

Deluxe Safari Tent, Paperbark Camp

A handful of beautifully appointed tents nestled among the paperback, gum and mangrove forests of Jervis Bay, Paperbark Camp is a true hidden gem and an eco-tourism pioneer. The retreat is surrounded by a unique cluster of remarkable national parks, meaning an abundance to explore and absorb. And it’s within easy reach of Hyams Beach and “the whitest sand in the world” for those perfect lazy summer days.

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria

The Twelve Apostles Walk Lodge

Less a place than an experience, the Twelve Apostles Lodge is a luxury base camp for trekking Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk. Join a group of 10 friends or strangers exploring some of Australia’s most beautiful and dramatic coastal byways. Finish the day at the lodge foot spa enjoying a well-earned refreshment resting in the healing tranquility of the surrounding forest.

Cockatoo Hill Retreat, Queensland

Coral Sea from the Daintree

There is something special about the vibe of a rain forest. The heat, the humidity and the abundance of life creates a feeling all its own. The Cockatoo Hill Retreat places you in the thick of it. Imagine your own tree house floating above the canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, your private balcony looking out to the Coral Sea, home of our own Great Barrier Reef.  Two World Heritage treasures at your doorstep. Simply amazing.

Freycinet Resort, Tasmania

Freycinet Resort Ocean View bedroom

With its spectacular mountains, forests and bays Tasmania is an uncut gem of nature at her most dramatic. The exclusive Freycinet Resort uniquely allows you to experience it all. Luxury chalets emerge from the protected forest of Mount Paul to offer the lucky traveler inspirational 360 degree views of The Hazards, Oyster Bay, the Friendly Beaches and the shifting moods of Tasman Sea.

Dirk Hartog Island Eco Resort, Western Australia

Dirk Hartog Island, the last sunset in Australia

Stark and remote Dirk Hartog Island is a windswept beauty and an important historical oddity. The first piece of the continent “discovered” by Europeans, it is also the last place the sun sets in Australia. With impeccable eco credentials, the Dirk Hartog Island Eco Resort is a magnet for true adventurers perched at the precipice of the Indian Ocean. A genuinely unique destination in a country of unique destinations. 

CABN, South Australia, Victoria & Queensland

CABN's Victoria location

Escaping to a cabin in the wilderness, free from the clutter and noise of modern life has a primal appeal all it’s own. With its philosophy of minimalist living close to nature, CABN offers a gorgeous selection of tiny houses, smartly designed to accommodate just what you need and nothing more. Each one in its own unique, remote location. CABN is something new in holiday living and an accessible way to melt into nature.

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Published: 22/01/21

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